Customised course of SKILLED CONSTRUCTIONS/PRODUCTION ENGINEER (6 Months) commences on 01-08-2019. Regular batch of SKILLED ENGINEER(QAQC /WELDING) and SKILLED INSPECTOR (QAQC /WELDING) is preponed to 21-08-2019. Registration is in progress.    

Skilled professional Management, a division of Induscan Petroleum Institute, aims to fit the purpose of corporate world with the ambitions of energetic engineering professionals there by facilitating the achievement of synergy between the two.

Induscan have huge resources of Fresh / Junior/ Senior level skilled dynamic engineering professionals and technicians ready to take challenging responsibilities in all kind of mechanical construction projects.

Induscan remoulds Mechanical Engineers and Diploma holders to take up challenges independently in Projects Design, Planning, Materials, Welding, Constructions and QAQC. We have athe policy to support our students to get entry (placement) in the core sectors Hydrocarbon, Thermal power Petrochemical and Heavy steel industries.

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