Customised course of SKILLED CONSTRUCTIONS/PRODUCTION ENGINEER (6 Months) commences on 01-08-2019. Regular batch of SKILLED ENGINEER(QAQC /WELDING) and SKILLED INSPECTOR (QAQC /WELDING) is preponed to 21-08-2019. Registration is in progress.    

Induscan Petroleum Institute is affiliated to KASE, Govt of Kerala.

Kerala Academy for Skill Excellence (KASE) a Government of Kerala initiative under department of labor and skill has partnered with Induscan Petroleum Institute to establish its First centre of Skill excellence in Mechanical Construction Industry, especially in Oil and Gas Sector, Thermal Power sector and other related industries.


Out of the total global opportunities for Mechanical Engineering Graduates and Diploma holders, 75% chances exists in mechanical construction industries, especially in Oil and Gas Sector, Thermal Power sector, Chemical and Petro-Chemical sector and other related industries. After completing Engineering graduation/Diploma, it is very difficult for Mechanical Engineering professionals to take direct responsibilities in such organization because customized training and specific skill is needed everywhere. For example, how to read and understand the information from a thermal power plant drawing to explain workers of that project? How to select engineering materials such as carbon steel, low alloy steel, chromium nickel steel, nonferrous metals etc. for refinery piping? How to select welding electrodes for welding different types of metals? How to perform and evaluate the Non Destructive Tests (NDT) such as Radiography, Ultrasonic testing etc in Mechanical construction projects?

Customized skill oriented training will be highly beneficial to mechanical engineers/Diploma holders to get entry in Oil and Gas, Thermal power, Petro-Chemical and other related industries to get satisfactory job and attractive wages. Skill of engineer is different from skill of a technician. The course syllabus is designed and developed by Induscan Petroleum Institute in such a way that fresh Engineers/Diploma holders after successful training are skilled enough to take independent responsibilities in Planning, Purchase, Materials, Piping, Fabrication, Welding, Inspection, QAQC etc. with best pay scale. Thousands of Mechanical Engineers/Diploma holders have successfully completed Customized skill oriented training from Induscan Petroleum Institute since 2002. They could take independent responsibilities in various mechanical construction companies in India as well as abroad.

Kerala Academy for Skill Excellence (KASE) is a section 25 company fully owned by the Government of Kerala. It is constituted as the apex skill development agency of the state of Kerala. The main objective is to develop the skill of work force through specialized training making them competitive for global industrial market. KASE operates on Public Private Partnership (PPP) model for each industrial category for the successful accomplishment of the aim of creating international quality work force.

The Indian Mechanical construction community, especially Engineers Diploma holders and Technicians, act the major role in design and development of infrastructure for Oil and Gas Sector, Thermal Power sector, Chemical and Petro-Chemical sector, Ship building, and other such sectors internationally. In order to fill the competitive skill gap with most modern engineering technologies for international employment standards, skill development training centers shall have certain level of monitoring and accreditations for their day to day functions. KASE has taken initiative with Quality monitoring and control over the training and certification systems followed by Induscan Petroleum Institute.

Role of KASE is to grand accreditation to the courses approved by Academic Council by which Induscan Petroleum Institute is allowed to use the suffix “Accredited to KASE“ to its name, so long as Induscan Petroleum Institute conducting the courses accredited by Academic Council. Final attestation of the certificates prepared by Induscan Petroleum Institute for the successful professionals shall be attested and stamped by KASE

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