Registration for EXPO-2015 seminar (1day) for final year Mechanical students December Batch (3rd batch) is in progress. Time of seminar 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on 21st December 2015. Registration fee Rs. 500/- all inclussive.    

[1]Quality Control Engineer (Oilfield Engineering and Quality Control)
[2]Quality Control Inspector (Oilfield Engineering and Quality Control)
[3]Piping and Welding Engineer
[4]Piping and Welding Inspector
[5]Quality Control Technician
[6]NDT Technician
[7]Mechanical Construction & Quality Control - Phase I
[8]QAQC - Phase I
Since 2002, Induscan Petroleum Institute trained more than 12,000 Mechanical Engineers and Diploma holders. Our Syllabus, Training methodology, Examination system and Certification system are designed and executed by this institution and updated in time to time to meet the challenges of modern industrial concept and all of our previous batch students could get satisfactory placement through this institution in the oilfields and related industries in various countries.